Invisible braces  include any braces that only you know about and that even your dentist may not spot! At Oraprime Orthodontics we are specialists in Invisible Braces  - in fact any braces, all braces and only braces  - it’s all we do day in and day out and we love braces! There are many different types of braces for many different types of teeth – we provide only braces and have the whole range to offer you. We can explain why certain types may be better for your teeth than others and can provide all braces from the , quickest, least visible, most visible, rainbow coloured, removable or fixed .

We are only specialist orthodontics – truly specialising for your special smile.

Specialist Orthodontist

Katherine Davies is an experienced specialist orthodontist holding specialist status with the General Dental Council Specialist Orthodontic List. Her practice has been limited to specialist orthodontic treatment for more than 15 years and her team is dedicated to your orthodontic treatment.

Invisible Braces Gallery

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Invisible braces North East

Let a specialist team help you to decide the specialist treatment for your straighter teeth. You will only want the treatment once  - let’s make it special because as the saying goes ‘you are worth it’.
We believe we are worth it too!

Of all the things you wear every day – your smile is one of the most important  - just like your fashion it can boost your confidence and make your day. It can make someone else’s when you flash that smile to make their day.

Is your smile memorable? Is your smile special? Make sure it’s a specialist smile with Oraprime Orthodontics – only specialist orthodontics.

Invisible Braces available at Oraprime Orthodontics

Lingual Fixed Braces

Lingual braces  – these are fixed braces attached to the back of your teeth. They have the same ability as a fixed brace but the advantage of being completely and truly invisible. They can be worn for your big occasion without the need to stop treatment as no one will know they are there. No need to stop treatment or any of life’s events while your teeth straighten!

Ceramic Braces

These braces attach to the front of your teeth and are clear. They are fixed braces but much less noticeable. They work in much the same way as the traditional metal fixed braces but are clear!

Clear Aligner Braces

There are a number of clear aligner systems available . They are not suitable for all tooth movement and some will be more appropriate than others for your teeth. They have the advantage of being removable for cleaning and eating but must still be worn for reasonable time to work effectively.

At Oraprime Orthodontics not only are we able to offer clear fixed braces that attach to the front of your teeth, which are less noticeable, we can also offer truly invisible fixed braces which are attached to the back of your teeth, these are called Lingual Braces. With Lingual Braces you can attend your graduation, walk down the aisle – bride or parent of the bride! And no one will ever know you are wearing them!‘

Invisalign Braces Newcastle

Invisalign is a series of clear, removable teeth aligners that both orthodontists and dentists use as an alternative to traditional metal dental braces. As of April 2008, more than 730,000 patients have completed or are currently in treatment.

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Before any treatment can begin you will require a consultation with our orthodontist. During we will discuss the options available to you including what types of braces you can have. If you are looking for lingual braces or invisible braces please inform our orthodontist.

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