We hope that everyone is having an opportunity to enjoy this weather – perhaps some of you are escaping abroad where it is cooler!

We just thought that we would let you know about a couple of new services that we can now offer ……. which may be of help and interest to you.

Adult and child suitability for Private or NHS Treatment?

If you are an adult and thinking of having braces but not sure if you are suitable?

Why not book one of our 15 minute FREE assessments?


Katherine offers a free-preliminary 15 minute orthodontic assessment for the purpose of giving you an indication if you are suitable for braces treatment.  You may be unhappy with the appearance of your teeth, or you need them straightened for health reasons.

If you are considering braces treatment it is important that you check that you are seeing a Specialist Orthodontist who is an expert in this field and equipped and trained with the latest technology.  It is important to be offered, not one, but many treatment options, so you get the best possible result.  Oraprime Orthodontics is a specialist practice.  Katherine Davies (BDS, FDS RCS, MOrth RCS) is a Specialist orthodontist for adults and children.  Not only is she a qualified dentist but also completed three additional years of orthodontic training.  She is on the General Dental Councils register of Specialist Orthodontists practising in the U.K.  She offers removable and fixed braces including lingual.


Wondering if your child will qualify for NHS Treatment?

We can offer an “eligibility for NHS treatment check.”


Children with crooked teeth under the age of 18 may qualify for NHS treatment but teeth must meet the NHS criteria, showing an oral health benefit.  This is decided by using the Index of Treatment Need (IOTN).  Frustratingly patients often to wait several months for this initial NHS assessment, due to demand, and then find they do not qualify for treatment.  We can offer an IOTN check for £25.00 – so you can know one way or another if you are eligible.  We treat young people under 18 years of age and offer favourable discount rates together with 0%  financial packages to help spread the cost.


Snoring – “Chat and Check”


Do you or your partner snore or have sleep problems?  Why not come and have a one to one “Chat and Check“ session with Mr Murray Waldron at the Specialist Snoring Centre.

Mr Murray Waldron (MA BM BCh FACS) is an Ear Nose and Throat Consultant at Sunderland Royal Infirmary in their head and neck department, having a special interest in Snoring and Sleep problems.  He is familiar with treating the many different snoring and sleep problems and can give professional advice.  A “Chat and Check” session lasts 30 minutes and costs £100.00. These sessions are held on a Friday morning, giving you an opportunity to, discuss individual concerns and get professional answers to your questions.  We have now introduced new non invasive therapies, many of which can be taken home on a trial basis.