I know from personal experience that the thought of any type of dental treatment can be a daunting one, especially if you’ve had an experience in the past, but Orthodontics really are painless. My name is Johan Reynolds and I am the business manager here at Oraprime Orthodontics, and approaching 50 years young decided to have orthodontic treatment.

I wanted to record my journey as an ortho patient and share it will everyone. I will post weekly starting from my first treatment back in February 2011.

February 2011 – Entry #1

It’s quite scary to think that my 50th birthday is on the horizon.  Surely I’m imagining words like botox, Saga and pensions are joining conversations during coffee with the “girls.” I find myself repeating words from magazines “we’re welcoming an era in which 50 is the new 34!”  Of course I am in that category… although with my eyesight changing and more wrinkles am I deluding myself!

Just when I have had that “pull yourself together” conversation with myself; my mother (once trusted friend) – says – “I think your teeth are moving.”  Well that is all I needed!  Of course then I started looking at everyone else’s teeth and comparing old photographs of how mine were and I realise she is right!  Visions of false teeth in a glass beside the bed are not appealing.  Wrinkles I can deal with. Not being able to smile, particularly at my children’s graduations or weddings would be awful.  I know there is not always a “quick fix.”  It is a big commitment.

I remember when my daughter had her braces.  As a small child she knocked one of her teeth out on the edge of the bath (that’s another story) and as a consequence her eye teeth grew in at odd angles, she became very self conscious and was teased at school.  I have very few pictures of her around that time as she became camera shy.  Although she was very reluctant to have braces we eventually persuaded her.  Her treatment lasted about a year and a half – but what a difference!  She transformed into being so smiley and outgoing.

With all this in mind I decided to explore the possibilities for me.  I also decided to write a diary which I hope may help other people like me.