You may have a lot of questions about the whole process from beginning to end. Hopefully most of your questions should be answered throughout the site. Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions.


Am I too old?

No, there is no age limit for orthodontic treatment.

Is there an ideal age for children to be seen?

Most dentists will advise as to whether there are any dental developmental concerns. If your dentist is concerned they will refer. If however, a parent is concerned about their child’s teeth they can self refer for a private appointment .

Does my dentist have to refer me?

A referral is not necessary for a private consultation just telephone the practice and make an appointment. It is important that you have a general dentist as we will need to liaise with them before and throughout treatment.

How long does treatment last?

Everyone is different and some approximate indication can be given at the consultation appointment. Generally 18-24 months is average but some adult treatment can be shorter if it is just to move a few teeth.

Will I require a retainer?

Yes! All our patients are advised that retention after treatment is necessary. Most patients are encouraged to think of retention as a lifelong commitment for life long straight teeth.

Will I have to have teeth removed?

Sometimes there is just not enough room for the full set. Detailed models and xrays are taken before planning treatment and these will be explained. At the first consultation however, you will be given a good idea if teeth might need to be removed.

Who will remove the teeth?

Your general dentist will remove the teeth. We will write a letter once the xrays and models have been checked.

What is the difference between Oraprime Orthodontics and my normal dentist?

At Oraprime Orthodontics we specialise in braces treatments alone. All other dental work is carried out by your dentist. Katherine has undertaken further specialist studies in orthodontics and lingual orthodontics and has limited her practice to this for over 10 years.

How do I pay for treatment?

Fees are payable at the beginning of treatment by cash, cheque or credit card. We can provide 3 interest free payment instalments for some treatments and this can be discussed at the initial consultation. For any queries regarding fees please email or telephone 0191 257 4338 to discuss your options.