Orthodontists North East

We are a specialist orthodontic practice specialising in aligning teeth and jaws.

Treatment includes the correct diagnosis and planning even before the braces have been selected and fitted. At the end of the aligning phase of treatment we also recommend retainers for all patients who have had a comprehensive orthodontic alignment.

We offer a full range of fixed and removable braces. These can be tooth coloured, metal with colours or invisible. They are available for both adults and children.

Metal Braces

Metal fixed braces are still popular with orthodontists and patients . They can be customised with colours to make your brace unique. Many of our patients proudly wear their metal braces on show – and it’s not just the teenagers !

Invisible Braces North East

Lingual braces  – these are fixed braces attached to the back of your teeth. They have the same ability as a fixed brace but the advantage of being completely and truly invisible. They can be worn for your big occasion without the need to stop treatment as no one will know they are there. No need to stop treatment or any of life’s events while your teeth straighten! - To find out more click here

Benefits of Lingual Braces

  • 100% Invisible – no one will even know you’re wearing braces
  • Comfortable – Fitted to the back of the teeth means more comfort.
  • Fast results
  • Pain Free
  • Get results for a perfect smile

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